The Hirondelle restaurant in Dunkirk

For business and family meals the restaurant l'Hirondelle will delight you with its regional cuisine, fish specialties, seafood and shellfish.
During the week, the chef prepares for you a dish of the day, menus:

Menu of the day at
A dish in the local menu + a dessert of your choice
Children's menu
starter + dish in the local menu
Local menu
starter + main course + dessert of your choice

You will also appreciate the à la carte dishes and the freshness of our shellfish caught directly in our fishtank.

The restaurant is open from Monday evening to Saturday evening included, and on some bank holidays and celebration days.

Gift vouchers
Out of ideas during the year? Think of our "gift vouchers" for the amount you wish ... They are valid for 6 months in our restaurant. Do not hesitate to contact us

Easy to make cooking recipes, which the restaurant L'hirondelle offers to download: